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Coworking Spaces: What Larger Companies Need to Know

Private offices and generic cubicles have started to seem archaic, and such office organization rarely meets the needs of the modern worker. One of the most innovative alternatives to this restrictive format is coworking.

A Modern Business Solution

A coworking space is essentially rented office space that can be shared by numerous companies and individuals. These spaces have become increasingly sophisticated with a variety of other perks. Coworking spaces may offer advanced security, private rooms, coffee bars and even workout facilities. For larger companies, there are unique advantages that make coworking worth some consideration.

Unconventional Collaboration

Many companies encourage teams to work in dynamic contexts, but a coworking space actually opens up the creative process to additional influences. Because these spaces are mixed, employees are exposed to new ideas and work styles. Some companies even move entire teams to coworking spaces in order to give them more flexibility. This can keep teams from being constrained by the company culture, and it can inspire new ideas by using a mixed setting. Large companies often struggle with creating a dynamic company culture, and coworking is a great way to keep employees from growing stagnant.

Fostering Remote Workers

The modern workforce is increasingly mobile. This means that more and more employees like the flexibility of working remotely. While some larger companies already support remote workers from home, it is hard to keep such employees connected to the company. Very few employees are actually suited to work from home all the time. This is why coworking is such a great alternative. With coworking spaces, it is possible to set up spaces for remote workers. Multiple remote workers may even share the same space, which can give them accountability and connection.

Supporting Expansion

Another good reason for larger companies to consider coworking spaces is expansion. As a company grows, it is often necessary to expand into new markets. However, obtaining office space in a new market is easier said than done. By renting a coworking space, it is possible to support expansion into a new market without the investment of a permanent office space. This makes coworking a great tool for your company’s growth.

Superior Cost Management

When you have to support a large workforce, it is easy to get too much office space. This means that many cubicles and offices may remain vacant while your rent costs soar. Companies often justify this waste because of the up and down nature of hiring. Instead of paying too much for space you do not need, larger companies can consider coworking to support the overflow. This allows larger companies to reduce their footprint until their demand changes. Then, as more workspace is needed, coworking spaces can fill the gap. This is an excellent way to keep costs in check.

Coworking is not merely a solution for small companies and freelancers. Given the unique perks of such spaces, larger companies can enjoy definitive benefits as well. Understanding these benefits can help larger companies make better decisions going forward.

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