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Looking for a Great Place to Work from Home? Try Atlanta!

With 70 percent of all employees worldwide working from home at least once pet week and 18 percent holding down full-time remote jobs, it’s clear remote work is becoming the norm for a large segment of the population. Some cities offer better opportunities than others, and according to, Atlanta is one of the best places you can go if you want to break free from the daily grind.

Why Choose Remote Work?

“Flexible talent” makes up at least part of the workforce at 53 percent of companies, suggesting more employers are beginning to understand the benefits employees get from remote positions. Having a flexible schedule and the ability to work from anywhere are the top two reasons why people
love remote work and more candidates are seeking opportunities to work from home.With no long commute, you can use the extra time to structure your days for a better balance between work and personal activities. You also save on expenses like gasoline, clothing, childcare and prepared food and have better opportunities to pursue healthy habits like exercising and making food from scratch.

What Makes Some Cities Better for Remote Jobs?

According to’s top 10 list of cities for freelancers and telecommuters, Atlanta ranks fifth in the U.S. behind Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, St. Louis and Pittsburgh. Top cities were chosen by evaluating several factors to determine how “affordable, fun” and “friendly” they are for people who work from home, including:

• Housing and one-bedroom rental prices
• State and local taxes
• Cost of broadband internet
• Cost of healthcare for freelancers without benefits
• Number of local coffee shops with Wi-Fi connections
• Number of nearby gyms
• How “walkable” the area is, as ranked by

These factors represent some of the major concerns for today’s remote workers and can have a significant impact on how comfortably you can live when working from home.

How Atlanta Stacks Up

About 6.4 percent of the workforce in Atlanta is remote, and the city has the highest number of job seekers looking for remote roles. While some of them may simply want avoid getting stuck in metro-area traffic every day, others are likely seeking the benefits the city offers its freelancers and telecommuters, such as an affordable cost of living, unique local eateries and distinctive entertainment venues.

Freelancers can join Atlanta’s Freelance Forum to connect with others and find numerous opportunities to network, collaborate and improve skills. By making it easier to get jobs and engage in mutually beneficial collaborations, this organization can help its members overcome some of the biggest challenges of freelance work, including the tendency to feel isolated or disconnected from the professional world.

Working remotely at least once a month makes you 24 percent more likely to be happy and productive and can reduce stress levels by as much as 82 percent, so why not consider making the switch? There are plenty of local companies with positions for people seeking flexible opportunities in and around the metro Atlanta area.

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