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Here’s What Recruiters Say Candidates Need to Do to Stand Out

You have one chance to make a stellar impression during a job interview and ensure you’re the candidate the hiring team finds most memorable. If you want to ace the interview and be the obvious choice for the position, here’s what recruiters say you need to do.

Research Beforehand

Dive deep into the vision, values and mission of the company prior to your interview. Visit the website to get a feel for the culture and how employees are expected to interact, and check out the personal social media profiles of the people on the hiring team. Going into the process with this information shows you care enough about the job to put in some extra effort, and it can provide some common ground for connecting with your interviewers.

Be Punctual

Give yourself enough time to get to the interview and review what you prepared so that you’re calm and composed when you walk into the room. Don’t believe the time estimate on your GPS or map app; it’s usually an optimistic guess at best. Add at least 10 minutes to your expected driving time to allow for unexpected delays. If unforeseen circumstances make you late, contact the hiring team to let them know you were held up and will be there as soon as possible.

Listen and Answer Well

While there are specific details you want to convey during an interview, make sure what you say actually relates to the questions interviewers ask. Listen without being overeager to jump in with an answer. Give careful consideration to what you’re going to say, and don’t try to sound like an expert on the company or an advertisement for the industry. Interviewers can tell when you’re trying to impress them and would rather see candidates who display authenticity.

Ask Intelligent Questions

How can you show the hiring team you’re interested in the position and understand the company? Make the interview a dynamic back-and-forth exchange. Ask questions about:

• What a day on the job looks like
• How success is measured
• Job outlook
• Growth potential
• Professional development opportunities

These types of inquiries show recruiters you’ve given the job serious thought and are genuinely curious about how you could provide value to the company.

Offer Examples of Your Experience

Arrive prepared with interesting, relevant stories of how you used your skills and experience in the past to solve problems. Leadership qualities are in high demand, so recruiters like to see candidates who can take initiative and solve problems creatively. Though it can be tempting to share all of your past triumphs, limit your examples to those showcasing skills related to the position for which you’re applying.

Use these guidelines to prepare for your next job interview and be one of the most memorable candidates. When you can show the hiring team you’re skilled, knowledgeable and committed to the success of the company, you prove you have the ambition today’s businesses are looking for.

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