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Here’s How to Stand Out at Your Next Interview, According to Recruiters

You’re dreaming of acing your next interview, but you know the competition is tough, and you only get one chance to make yourself stand out. By keeping these four tips in mind as you prepare, you’ll be ready to show the recruiters you have what it takes to succeed in your desired position.

Create the Best First Impression

Find out what the dress code is at the company with which you’re interviewing, and dress as if you were going in for a typical day on the job. Researching the culture helps, too, since it prepares you for the attitude and atmosphere you’ll encounter during the interview. You’ll be more comfortable if you already have an idea of how to interact.

Treat everyone with respect, from the clerk at the front desk to the head of the recruiting team. You don’t want to come off as the type of person who shows favor to the “important” people in the company but has no time or patience for anyone in “lower” positions.

Prove You’re Interested

In addition to researching the culture, look into the goals and visions of the company. How do they help their target customers? What role does the job you hope to land play in the bigger picture? Considering these questions allows you to imagine yourself already working in the position and prepares you to provide knowledgeable answers during the actual interview.

Be sure to ask questions of your own, as well. Being thoughtful and specific in your inquiries shows recruiters you’ve done your homework and you’re truly interested in succeeding should you be chosen for the job.

Share What You’re Worth

Recruiters want to know what candidates can bring to the table, so don’t be shy about sharing what you believe you can do for the company. Explain how you could strengthen the existing team and help achieve the company’s long-term goals. Reinforce your point with relevant examples of work you’ve done in the past. Remember to keep a humble attitude without downplaying any important achievements.
Show You’re Willing to Learn

Being eager to learn is just as important as being ready to apply the skills and strengths you already have. Discuss how you’ve been able to grow in previous positions, and share what you hope to learn if you’re hired. It’s okay and even preferable to admit there are areas where you want to keep growing. Doing so shows the recruiters you have a realistic view of yourself and helps you discern whether the company is interested in the professional development of its employees.

Being a stand-out candidate doesn’t require putting on a false front or playing yourself up so much you sound like Superman. Stay authentic, be honest and share what you know you can bring to the company. When you strike the right balance between confidence and humility, recruiters will see your real value as a potential employee.

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