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Job hunting in Atlanta? These Positions are in High Demand

Low unemployment rates in Atlanta and other parts of Georgia is leading to high demand for skilled workers in several industries. In the current job market, you could find anything from a good starting gig to a high-paying advanced career with a company in one of these sectors.


Atlanta is growing, and construction workers are needed to make it happen. As more residential and commercial buildings go up in and around the city, employers are seeking carpenters and welders to erect structures, and electricians and plumbers are in demand to handle infrastructure for essential utilities. Individuals with the skills and physical capabilities for these types of projects are likely to find attractive incentives included with job offers in this industry.

Food Preparation

The increasing population in Atlanta, especially of young professionals with busy schedules, may be part of what’s driving growth in foodservice. The industry is expected to grow 8 percent by 2026, leading restaurants and eateries to seek more people to handle food preparation. You could get a job in the kitchen of a quick-service restaurant or seek something more upscale. Salaries average around $23,000 per year, although pay may vary depending on the type of establishment and its target audience.


Truck drivers were in high demand in 2017, and transportation in general continues to be a hot job market in the Atlanta area. This includes not only trucking but also warehousing and general distribution. As companies seek to handle customer orders more quickly and efficiently, they need more people to staff warehouses and meet delivery deadlines, especially smaller companies trying to keep up with internet giants like Amazon known for speedy fulfillment.


Growth in the healthcare industry is projected to continue, especially as more medical centers are constructed throughout Georgia. The general desire for a higher quality of care and interest in comprehensive medical coverage has made healthcare a hot topic for the past several years, and there remains a high demand for:

• Receptionists
• Nurses
• Technicians
• Physical therapists

These are just a handful of the 61 occupations making up Georgia’s healthcare landscape, and, there are plenty of opportunities for medical professionals to apply their skills at one of the state’s numerous hospitals.


A growing demand for advanced skills makes the manufacturing industry attractive for graduates and seasoned professionals alike. Because companies are actively seeking people with advanced manufacturing skills, it’s possible to start earning $35,000 per year right after graduating from a relevant program. Students interested in entering the industry can get on-the-job training through apprenticeships or internships, and doing this kind of direct work with a company increases the chances of landing a job when school is over.

Right now, companies in Atlanta are scrambling to find skilled workers to fill positions in these and other growing industries, so it’s a good time to start sending out resumes. Seeking a job in an industry with high demand could bring higher pay and better opportunities, including chances to advance.

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