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Your Essential 2019 Guide to Personal Branding

Your personal brand influences how people perceive your business. It’s everything you stand for, the knowledge you possess and your image as the face of the company. As important as it is to invest in growing your business in 2019, it’s just as critical to take steps to strengthen your personal branding message.

Nurture Your Email Connections

In the midst of privacy woes, algorithm updates and changing content requirements, email remains one of the last platforms you can truly own. Unlike social media posts, which are easy to miss when scrolling through an endless feed, email is visible and personal. The average open rate for small business email campaigns in 2018 was 24.88 percent, whereas only about 2 percent of followers see social media posts from any single business. Email gives you a captive audience with more opportunities for engagement, so make 2019 the year you commit to sending relevant, informative content to your list on a regular basis.

Hone in on LinkedIn

If you do use social media for personal branding this year, LinkedIn is the platform on which you should focus. The network unites mainstream professionals and outliers to create a robust community where ideas can be exchanged and discussed without falling victim to the popularity contests on other outlets like Facebook.

Personal branding on LinkedIn can be as simple as updating your profile with relevant information and engaging with influencers in your industry for a few minutes each day. Join groups where you can participate in communities of like-minded professionals, and start cross-posting articles from your blog to showcase your knowledge.

Put Your Expertise Out There

The internet is full of content, but little of it is actually useful. You have something your audience can’t find in this glut of shallow information. Get it out there by:

  • Publishing columns or articles in local publications
  • Writing guest posts for relevant industry blogs
  • Speaking at local conferences and events
  • Creating an online course or master class

This not only attracts attention for your business but also shows your audience you have the knowledge necessary to help them and aren’t focused only on making money.

Don’t Be Fake

Personal branding is about who you actually are, not a version of yourself you only use online. Don’t get overwhelmed trying to impress your audience with something about which you’re not passionate. Write content as if you were having a face-to-face conversation with your ideal customers, and use this same voice across all platforms. Get in front of the camera on social media, let yourself be a little vulnerable and show your audience you’re more than just another talking head trying to sell something.

When your personal brand reflects the vision, passion and expertise you bring to your business, customers see the authentic you instead of a canned persona. Persistence and consistency in establishing your image this year will help you create a stronger connection with customers and realize your vision for business growth.

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