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Identifying and Learning the Language of Your Ideal Customers

Finding ideal clients is the elusive but essential goal of every business owner. How can you discover just the right match for your products and services, and how do you communicate in a way designed to build lasting relationships?

Align with Hopes and Fears

Knowing what your customers want is the key to connecting with them. Think about the people in the demographic your company serves. What do they care about the most? What worries them? What are their goals, and where does your business fit in their pursuit of success? These are the questions your marketing messages should be designed to answer so that your customers see your company as the best solution to their problems.

Learn the Language

Terminology differs between audiences depending on age, gender, location and even the people with whom they spend time. Listen in on social media conversations to get a feel for how your target audience speaks. Incorporate the same voice into your marking messages, but don’t force it. Picture yourself having a face-to-face conversation as you write your content so that the phrases flow naturally and become part of your brand’s personality.

Focus on High-Quality Leads

Your ideal customers already have an interest in what you offer. Use keyword research and analytics tools to discover the words and phrases people search for to find websites like yours. Optimize on-page content, social media posts and PPC ads for these words and phrases, including long-tail keywords and keywords with lower search volumes. Don’t waste time on search terms with little or no relevance, or you’ll wind up drawing too many people who click away before converting.

Stay Relevant

When you know what your customers want, how they talk and what their search behaviors look like, you can take this knowledge and turn it into relevant marketing campaigns. Make it obvious who your products and services are for, and create all your content to cater to them and no one else. Avoid trying to be all things to all people, or you’ll obscure your message and drive away more people than you attract. Keep your message clear, consistent and on target at all times.

Make Negative Reviews Work for You

No matter how well you connect with your audience, you can’t please everyone. When negative reviews come in, do everything you can to resolve the problem. Remain calm and polite regardless of the tone of the review. Be prompt and courteous in your replies, and go above and beyond in the solutions you offer. Many customers will change their feedback when they see a business is willing to make good on a bad experience.

Discovering and communicating with your ideal customers involves a balance of hard work and common sense. Once you understand how they think, focus all your marketing efforts on connecting with them. Put your business out there with your target audience in mind, and customers will discover how your products and serves can impact their lives.

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