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If You Have a Remote Workforce, You Need These 6 Security Strategies

Remote work options give employees more flexibility in hours and locations but also come with unique security risks. If your employees are accessing the company network from outside locations, you need these 6 security measures in place.

Have Universal Rules

Establish security policies all employees must follow when connecting to the network or handling data. Some important considerations include:

  • Prohibiting the use of public Wi-Fi
  • Requiring the use of a VPN for all remote connections
  • Having a universal authentication protocol

Identity and access management (IAM) software provides tools to make enforcement easier, such as allowing you to set limitations on the locations from which remote employees can connect to the network.

Be Discerning About the Cloud

Cloud applications have revolutionized collaborative work, but not all cloud services are reliable. Before investing in any cloud-based software, thoroughly research the security protocols used by the vendor. This is essential not only for keeping your data from falling into the wrong hands but also to ensure your business remains in compliance with the litany of modern security laws and regulations.

Enforce Encryption

Devices and data require encryption to prevent data theft and loss when employees work remotely. Encryption secures information as it moves from one device to another, so even if a hacker intercepts a private exchange, the data can’t be unlocked without a decryption key. Similarly, an encrypted device is harder for a third party to break into and is therefore more secure in the event it’s lost or stolen.

Say No to USB

USB storage is convenient for employees but far too easy to lose or misplace. Workers using USB sticks and other types of removable media also run the risk of accidentally infecting the entire network if their media becomes compromised. If USB is a must for your off site workers, invest in devices with remote wipe or lock options, and require all devices to be scanned before use.

Monitor the Network

Use network monitoring software to pay attention to all activity on your company’s email and web servers. To avoid overwhelming your IT department with supervisory activities, invest in an automated solution equipped with machine learning technology. This type of software can “learn” to detect the difference between regular user behaviors and potential attacks and trigger an appropriate response to intercept or shut down malicious activities.

Conduct Routine Audits

The fast pace of technological change necessitates regular audits of your security protocols. Employees are likely to embrace new devices and connection options as they become available, and your company needs to be ready with the latest strategies to maintain the safety and privacy of data. Establish a routine for evaluating threat levels and types, and make changes as needed to improve security and remain in compliance. Establishing and maintaining solid security protocols allows remote workers to do their jobs with less risk of data compromise. Choose the appropriate strategies for your company’s remote work structure, and continue to re-evaluate your approach to support changing access needs.

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