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Build Better Client Relationships with Coworking Spaces

The affordability, professional setting and community aspect of coworking have made it a hot trend among entrepreneurs and enterprise businesses alike. Coworking spaces provide numerous benefits for productivity and creativity but investing in shared space also improve relationships with clients. Consider these six ways coworking spaces can have a positive impact on client connections.

Lets You Brainstorm with Others

When you use a coworking space as your office, you get the chance to network with other business people whose companies are in various stages of growth. Some may already have extensive client bases, and they understand how to establish and nurture these critical relationships.

Don’t hesitate to ask for advice and help. Learn how others use the perks available in coworking spaces to connect with and impress clients so that you can apply the same tactics to grow your own business.

Provides a Professional Setting

A good first impression is a key part of attracting and retaining clients. If you run a small startup from home on a tight budget, meeting options are limited. Coffee shops and restaurants are loud and full of distractions, and your living room doesn’t exactly showcase your professional side. Give clients the best possible impression of your business by using the office spaces or meeting rooms available in coworking buildings.

Offers Flexible Meeting Space

Many coworking options include meeting rooms with full suites of technological amenities. If you need to make a presentation to a group of potential investors or are getting ready to inform clients of your latest product launch, take advantage of the audio and visual tools available. For smaller, more intimate meetings, you can rent a private office if you don’t already have one as part of your coworking membership.

Gives You Multiple Location Options

Thanks to the growing popularity of coworking, you can find a professional meeting space close to your clients and offer them the convenience of meeting in person without having to travel long distances. Accommodating clients in this way shows you value their time and are willing to go above and beyond to meet their needs.

Puts Important Amenities at Your Fingertips

Connecting with clients at a coffee shop, restaurant or hotel limits what you can accomplish during the meeting. In a coworking environment, you have immediate access to high-speed internet, printing facilities, and other common office amenities so that you can work up and print out important documents on the spot instead of having to send paperwork to clients at a later date. This could help you close more deals and grow your business faster.

Creates Comfort

Many coworking spaces include snacks and beverages, places to lounge and even areas where you can take a nap. This creates an inviting atmosphere traditional meeting rooms don’t have, and it makes your clients feel at ease when they come to meet with you. Coworking buildings are professionally maintained, uncluttered and welcoming, so neither you nor your clients need to spend the entire meeting trying to get comfortable.

Whether you already use it as an alternative to a traditional office or are looking for an affordable alternative for offsite meetings, coworking gives you the options you need to connect with clients and show your business is viable and professional. By using full-featured meeting rooms available in coworking buildings, you can create stronger client relationships and build your business according to your vision for growth. Take advantage of the atmosphere and amenities to make a great first impression, and leverage the knowledge of others sharing the space to learn how to make the most of every meeting.

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CEO Centers FLEX is a modern, collaborative workspace in Duluth, Georgia curated around a community of entrepreneurs and creative early-stage companies. We offer a variety of coworking spaces – from hot desks to private, executive offices – all at an affordable price.

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