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7 Ways to Use Your Coworking Space

By the end of 2017, an estimated 1.2 million people worldwide will have coworking space. And it’s no wonder. Coworking offers flexible all-inclusive space that many people can take advantage of, whether you’re a freelancer, business or just need a space for a short period of time. But just how flexible is it?

Instead of thinking of your co-working space as just another full-time office, here are 7 ways to use your coworking space.

7 Ways to Use Your Coworking Space

  1. Overflow Office Space
    Expanding your office and running out of room? Reserve space at a coworking office so you additional space, without having to commit to a whole new office and uprooting the company. You’ll save time, money and give employees a new atmosphere to work from that could lead to new connections and more business.
  2. Holiday Office
    Do you work from home? Sometimes working from home can be isolating and also full of distractions – the phone ringing, housework, the kids home from school. Use the coworking office as a place to getaway from working from home, when you need it.
  3. Training Space
    Hosting a training and need space to accommodate everyone in the same room? Coworking spaces offer event spaces that can house large groups and are equipped to help you manage the logistics of your event, from catering to set up.
  4. Meeting Space
    Need a professional space to take meetings with clients and coworkers? A coworking office can provide you with a go-to space for meetings that aren’t quite appropriate Starbucks and too private for the office. Most spaces have various conference and meeting rooms that are available to members as needed and also provide amenities such as water and snacks for when meetings are larger in size.
  5. Innovation Center
    Sometimes you need to get out of the office for inspiration to strike. A coworking space can serve as a neutral territory where you can work in a collaborative manner with the team to come up with an idea where everyone will feel comfortable. This can give you the push you need to come up with the next thing.
  6. R&D Center
    If you’re looking to expand to a new market or get access to a new group of people, a coworking space can you help you get in touch with both. Coworking centers provide flexible options in new areas and also provide business owners with a network of like-minded people that could provide useful feedback.
  7. Happy Place  
    Coworking spaces can provide a productive, creative, and positive atmosphere that studies show can increase happiness. Happiness is certainly a factor that contributes to well-being and productivity – wouldn’t you rather work in a place that makes you feel happy

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