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7 Small Business Coworking Tips For Business Owners

Are you running a small business from a coworking space? Do you wish that you had more insights? From keeping your overhead low to finding a mentor, here are seven small business coworking tips that are worth paying attention to.

7 Small Business Coworking Tips

  • Build a Support Network
    As a business owner, networking can often be put on the backburner but finding a support network  that can help provide business advice, lend a hand when needed or simply make connections for you, is invaluable. Set aside regular time to network with fellow business owners to create and maintain your network. (As a side note, coworking spaces often come with built-in networks that members can tap into, making this a whole lot easier.)
  • Set Goals
    Setting goals for yourself and your employees helps outline the plan for your business and sets guidelines for achievements that are important to your company. By setting up goals, you create a performance-based culture that helps move the company forward and help drive action.
  • Delegate (If You Can)
    “Focus on what you do best, and delegate the rest,” is a motto that business owners should live by. Often business owners are doing jobs that they aren’t very good at, not realizing that hiring someone with the skills and talent for that specific job can actually help revenue grow. Figure out your strengths and weaknesses, focus on what you do best and then delegate, delegate, delegate.
  • Keep Overhead Low
    At any stage in your business, it’s important to remember to keep your overhead low. Doing so, allows you to allocate money to other areas of your business or making decisions without concern for cost-burdens such as rent and utilities. If you are have lean operation, consider a coworking space to consolidate office costs and have a more flexible workspace.
  • Find a Niche
    Find your business niche and stick to it. The path to success is finding specific area of focus and then continually innovating around that niche. If you find a successful plan of action, replicate that model repeatedly in order to grow.
  • Avoid Distractions
    Successful ventures require full dedication. Avoid distractions – like other business ideas, mindless internet scrolling, or dwelling too much on other people’s input. Keeping yourself organized and on-task is the real key to small business success.
  • Keep Your Day Job
    You often hear the story of the small business owner who left their day job to pursue their dreams and then failed immediately. Though juggling both a day job and your small business will be a hassle for a time, keeping your day job until you are 100% sure that your small business will work on its own provides an invaluable safety net.

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