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5 Things that Make You a Coworking Pro

As more and more workers telecommute or have flexible schedules, it’s easy to imagine a world where many people learn to work outside of a traditional office space. But step into a coworking space and you’ll find yourself mixed in between freelancers, entrepreneurs, and remote workers – who all have their own ways of working – and it can be quite disorienting. 

If you are considering a coworking space, there is an art to efficiently working with others. At CEO Centers FLEX we’ve studied our space and come up with five ways to ensure that your coworking experience leads to the best outcome. Here are five things that will make you a coworking pro.


5 Coworking Pro Tips

  1. Say Hello
    The best way to take advantage of coworking is to really dig into the “co” part of the the space. Co-work, co-eat, collaborate – you get the picture. Say hello to fellow members in the space, talk to the person in the break room and attend networking events – being friendly and open at work could lead to interesting conversations, connections and collaborations and is a pretty easy way to meet new people.
  2. Keep An Open Mind
    Coworking spaces provide opportunities to meet people from a wide variety of industries with many different levels of expertise. When you meet someone new, be willing to learn about who they are and what they do – staying open minded can help you be open to ideas, advice and new perspective that could help you with your own business.
  3. Use This as a Learning Experience
    Coworking spaces are filled with ambitious, motivated, smart people who also have opinions, experience and connections. Use the opportunity to connect with fellow members to learn and make the most of the resources provided. The experience could lead to gains for your business!  
  4. Ask for Help
    Never underestimate the power of mentorship or the benefits of simply asking for help. If your find someone at your space that you look up to professionally, utilize their skills and experience as a mentor – most people are happy to dole out advice and share what they know. If you’re seeking help, ask for it. Asking for help and connecting is one of the many perks a coworking space and many members are already looking to make these types of connections – just be sure to define what you need and then ask, politely.
  5. Be Open to Change
    Coworking spaces offer many opportunities to work in new environments – try to sit in a new seat every day for the first couple of weeks or if you have a permanent desk, take advantage of communal areas and the lounge. Not only will new environments inspire creativity and new ideas, but it will also increase your chances of meeting at least one new person every day.

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CEO Centers FLEX is a collaborative coworking space in Duluth, Georgia in the Atlanta metro area that is ideal for small businesses, sole proprietors, and startups in need of a flexible workspace. Our offices offer a variety of workspaces – from desks to corner offices –  and access to a community of other like-minded entrepreneurs.

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