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The Benefits of Coworking with Strangers

As a freelancer, working alone is part of the job, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. Coworking environments curated to cater to freelancers can provide an opportunity to learn from other professionals and colleagues in your industry that have similar values and an appreciation of autonomy.

If you are freelancer considering a move to a coworking space, consider how these six benefits could help your projects and propel your career forward.

6 Networking Benefits for Freelancers

1. Networking

Coworking is designed to create opportunities for members to network and collaborate with other members. For freelancers, this provides the opportunity to network with a wide range of people that could lead to a referral or expand your business. And maybe, it might even lead to some new friendships.

2. Access to Information

Proximity to other freelancers gives coworkers access to information – a way to to “pick the brains” of professionals in your industry as well as those in related fields. You might learn about new tools and processes, be introduced to a new accountant, or attend an event that opens new possibilities.

3. Collaboration

Depending on the space, freelancers could end up working in an office with other industry-adjacent professionals whose work and insights help shape new perspectives and lead to collaborations. Working solo could easily turn into working with others.

4. Flexibility

Coworking spaces allow freelancers to maintain an address for receiving packages and mail,

the ability to rent space for client meetings and the opportunity to move offices as needed to accommodate a growing business. The flexibility can be priceless for solopreneurs starting out and will pay off in the long run. 

5. New Environments

When you work in new environments, you get a chance to devise fresh solutions to existing problems, create new work routines and discover new ways of working. Getting in a new environment can facilitate a whole world of new possibilities.

6. Community

Working alone or at home can have an isolating effect after a period of time. Coworking is an easy way to avoid loneliness and get a sense of community, even when you’re working alongside complete strangers.

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