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Coworking Community: More Than Just Space

Are you thinking of making the move to a coworking space? There are many benefits of a coworking space – from flexible hours to concierge services – but the one that is most often beneficial for entrepreneurs is the coworking community. Here, we discuss the advantages a coworking community can have on you and your business.

A Built-in Network

Research shows that entrepreneurs with larger and more diverse networks grow their businesses bigger. Coworking spaces offer a large and diverse network just by nature of the people who gather in the space and use the services. By joining this community, your next investor, client or future collaborator could already be part of the community. Or, a person you meet could refer you to the people you need to meet.

Mentors and Role Models

Mentors and role models are important people for any entrepreneur to have in their network. For people starting a business, role models can provide advice, support and guidance for growth. In a coworking community, these people could be the people you grab a cup of coffee with or talk with during your lunch break.

Peer-to-Peer Advice

It has been said that entrepreneurship is a lonely journey, but most successful entrepreneurs have a cadre of other entrepreneurs that help them along the way. Relationships with peers can provide advice, help you learn new things and celebrate your winning milestones. And in a coworking space, these relationships are often built with the person you share a desk with.

Finding Your Hive

Coworking communities benefit from having a strong community of like-minded people. A community of people who share similar goals, challenges, rewards and values who are working towards a similar goal. Being part of that energy can inspire, support and encourage entrepreneurs to accomplish more and dream bigger.

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