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These Coworking Space Benefits Can Help Your Business

Need to be convinced that a coworking space is the right fit for you? If you’re a solopreneur or a small business, working from home may be the cheapest option and renting a large office might create too much overhead, neither of which is ideal. Enter the co-working space, a more affordable and flexible alternative that has built-in benefits. Below, we explore seven coworking space benefits.

7 Coworking Space Benefits

  1. Affordable Space
    Co-working spaces typically charge a membership fee and offer a range of prices, depending on the space you need. Pricing is usually lower than traditional office space and could mean substantial savings over time – a good enough reason to consider coworking spaces for every business owner.
  2. Better Spaces, Better Locations
    Executive office suites and coworking spaces provide an opportunity for entrepreneurs and start-ups to have access to centrally located space in in-demand areas that they otherwise might not be able to afford. For many, that central location can mean a shorter commute, being closer to customers or being part of a larger metro area that is part of their industry.
  3. Move-In Ready
    Worried about moving costs? Shared office spaces and coworking desks are usually move-in ready, meaning there’s no need to worry about expensive moving costs. Depending on the space you choose, offices are usually furnished or offer a furnished office package with all utilities included, so all you have to do is bring your computer and get to work.
  4. Space Flexibility and Scalability
    Coworking spaces are very flexible, meaning that they can offer members the opportunity to upgrade or downgrade their membership based on space needs – something a traditional office can’t do. If you’re a start-up, the benefit of having a space that grows with you as you expand can pay for itself.
  5. Amenities
    If you lease your own office space, you’re responsible for paying for utilities, supplies, and amenities. With coworking spaces, utilities such as water and Internet are included, reducing the number of bills you have to keep track off. And better yet? Amenities including coffee and kitchen supplies, as well as other perks like mailing sorting and delivery, free snacks, access to outdoor spaces and events are also included. Having these costs included in the membership fee can greatly reducing the costs these amenities and details can add to your overhead.
  6. Administrative Staff
    Need some extra help? Coworking spaces and executive suites typically offer onsite concierge services or have pay-per-task admin services available for members. Instead of paying for a full-time staffer, these as-needed services can be both handy and better for your budget.
  7. Networking Opportunities
    A core value of the co-working movement is being part of a community and though not all spaces will emphasize the value of its community, it’s there. Working in an open environment with shared common spaces encourages networking and provides the opportunities for solopreneurs and businesses to connect and share ideas. All it takes is a “Hello”.

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