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10 Coworking Etiquette Rules & Tips

Coworking spaces provide a unique opportunity to network with others, work your own hours and be part of a community of entrepreneurs and forward thinkers. And while all of this comes with the benefit of extra services, social interactions outside of your sphere and flexibility, there are still coworking etiquette rules. To truly succeed in this space, we’ve put together a list of 10 coworking etiquette rules and tips.

Expert Tips & Etiquette Rules For Coworking Spaces

  • Noise Management
    Be mindful of your volume. While many coworking spaces have noise policies, it’s best to err on the side of caution as sound travels. Use your inside voice and try not to take calls or listen to music in communal work areas.
  • Be Self Sufficient
    For your own benefit, be as self-sufficient as possible. Relying on staff or other workspace members to connect to WiFi or use the printer will slow you down and inconvenience others. Save your socializing for when it really counts.
  • Clean Up After Yourself
    This is a basic etiquette rule – for the sake of the staff and the other members, leave your workspace as if nobody used it. If you have a shared office, ensure that your stuff is tidy.
  • Connect and Collaborate
    One of the biggest perks of a coworking space is the collaborative environment. Take the time to introduce yourself, explain what you do, and get to know what everyone within the space does. You never know who you’ll meet!
  • Get to Know the System
    If your space offers an online portal, an app or other services to connect to both the space and other members of the community, take advantage of it! By mastering the coworking application you can reach out to other members with similar interests and work experience, learn about events and be a more engaged member of the community.
  • Be Considerate of the Space
    Get to know the areas within your workspace and learn what is and isn’t proper in each space. As more and more coworking spaces add amenities such as gyms, bars, and meditation areas, it’s important to know what space is ideal for talking shop and what space should just be left for socializing.
  • Don’t Overuse Services or Amenities
    Your coworking space and the amenities provided are there for you to use, respectfully. Make sure not to overstep the boundaries of overbooking conference rooms, using all the paper in the copy machine, and leaving dishes in the communal sink. If you need more space or a change of scenery, you can always find a study area or go outside.
  • Make Space For Management
    Some business things need to be handled in private. If you need to take a tough call or have a business negotiation, make sure to find a private area to do so. It’s not a good practice to terminate a partnership or an employee within a communal space, nor is it proper to handle a difficult conversation or business negotiation within the kitchen.
  • Show Up Happy
    Be mindful of the energy you put out within the workspace. No one wants to work next to someone who is grumpy and ill-tempered. Just like a regular office, the workspace has a communal energy and you don’t want to be the black cloud.
  • Spread the Word
    The best way to promote and grow a coworking space is by spreading the word. If you’re happy with your space, tell friends and clients. Having people around you that you already like is a great step towards having a great place to work, and who knows, you might be able to gain perks through referrals.

It’s said that by 2020 about half of the workforce will be freelance, so take advantage of the opportunity to join a coworking space now – it could lead to something great!

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